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Oh, Brothas, where art thou?

Dear Brothas Where are you? I know you say you're here, and we don't acknowledge you when you do stand up, but the problem is...we don't see nor hear you, and we need you.  The loudest voices that come with skin like ours are often telling us our skin ain't in and #whitegirlsdoitbetter and we are too much of everything wrong and we can't compete and we are unwanted and unloveable and those voices are prominent and then...we hear you loud and clear.  Yes, I know 78% of Brothas marry sistas. And yes, I know that Black men who aren't in the home with their children are more active as parents than other ethnicities of men who aren't in the home with their children. And yes, I know there are more Brothas in college than in prison... But I also know we are tired of you whispering your support... Where is the roar? When we speak up and say, "HEY! Where were you when they clowned Serena and said she looked less than the beautiful woma

10 Commandments for a gentleman

10 Gentleman Commandments So this guy from Memphis, Bobby Juice Johnson, posted his commandments for a gentleman on Facebook and it went viral.  It became fodder for and many social media topics of discussion. It's funny when you read stuff like this and see how people react. Many of the guys were outraged and ladies were in disbelief.   I had fun with it amongst my own guy friends, and just egged on their outrage. It gave me a good laugh. Truth be told, not much of what Mr. Johnson outlined says "gentleman" to me, but it screams SUGAR DADDY loud and clear.  Plenty of people disagree with me, and agree with Mr. Johnson. I've dated guys like this before. Well...let me be clear, I've gone out with guys like this before who confuse materialism with gentlemanliness. I cannot blame them, I'm sure someone taught them that and they operated in their previous relationships that way. Besides, how often have women had to deal wit

Six years of professional writing

Hey folks! It has been quite awhile since I last blogged. I've actually written blogs, but haven't posted them. I've written about a lot of current events and pop culture, but just as I steadied my finger to hit the "publish" button, I asked myself: Is it worth it? After six years of writing professionally, I've become somewhat cynical. This summer marks my sixth year of writing for, where as a freelancer I write about relationships and even give relationship advice. Since then, I've had articles cited in major publications, I've taken on a role as a contributor to an entertainment site for a major entertainment company, I've written for celebrities, I've interviewed celebrities.  I've hosted relationship panels, appeared on local radio, reviewed products for companies, written two books, and done a whole lot of fun stuff and not so fun stuff. I've learned how to write professionally, learned