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GRIDLOCKED: What Atlanta should have learned from the 2005 RTP Gridlock

On Monday, I reminisced about the Gridlock in the RTP. This video
I found online does not give the true picture of the literally bumper to
bumper traffic.

MyFaceBook shared a link.January 27
Do y'all remember the Ice gridlock of 2005 in the Triangle?

RHOA's scandalous mess

From fighting to possible felonies...the Bravo curse has hit Real Housewives of Atlanta hard. The off camera shenanigans seem to be more dramatic than anything that has been taped. I know people love money, but when a person's value and self-worth are intrinsically tied to their will see all types of deviance come forth.

When news hit that Phaedra Parks's husband, Apollo Nida, was arrested, tongues wagged. Including my own...but it was not shock or disbelief on my end. I was disappointed and concerned. Everybody knows I go hard in upholding the value of brothas. Apollo is a husband and father to two sons. IF he is the mastermind of this scheme...he could have utilized his talents to work a business that would not land him in prison away from his family.

The scheme he is under suspicion for is elaborate, as detailed in this blog post  from

36. ST JULIEN also admitted to using UPS mailboxes with some of these names in the scheme as well.…

Birthday weekend with friends, LeBron, and Cynthia Bailey

This has been one of my best birthdays. The only thing missing was getting to see my family. Though I did chat with them and make future plans. Also, my super star three-year-old niece sang "Happy Birthday" to me over the phone with the proper melody and verses! I spent my birthday with super star friends, a super star basketball player, and a super star model.

Okay so technically my birthday was last Tuesday, but I continued the celebration into the weekend. Well..actually...I celebrated virtually all week.

One thing's for certain...I was never without a meal last a couple of my brother-friends and a guy friend treated me. I tried this new spot called Harry's Grill and they have THE BEST sweet potato fries!

On Saturday, my colleagues and I checked out the Bobcats vs Miami Heat game...It was dope! We had seats very close to the court as you can see! Initially LeBron did not warm up with the team and we worried he would not play.

When they announced him in …

Team Me vs Team We

Jan 17 : What shortcomings have you had to overcome in order to be a better partner in your relationships? ReplyDeleteFavoriteMore Expand Jan 17

Birthday Countdown: Day 2

There are only two days left until my birthday. I've been extremely busy, so I have not kept up with blogging the countdown. Besides, very significant things happened in those years that appear in the book.
I wanted to touch on year two, however. When I was two years old, I had a very serious surgery. Had it not been for my pediatrician (and the Good Lord!) I may not be here. My pediatrician was great, and I actually remember the day of the surgery. It is one of my first memories.
My mom was holding me and walked me to the doors of the operating room. I had my hands locked behind her neck and she had to give me to the doctor. He had one one of those green jumpsuits and had a mask around his neck.
When he reached out for me, I wouldn't let go of my mama. I held on with a serious grip, and she had to pull my fingers apart. She cried and so did I.

Today is Day 2
At 2 years old...
I was a ball of energy! I ran around all the time with my cousin...and read a lot with my mama. 
My bes…