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Nike Dual Fusion running shoes

I went shoe shopping on Friday, but I wasn't looking for Cole Haans or Jimmy Choos. I wanted athletic shoes, specifically basketball or running shoes.  I happened to wonder upon a Sports Authority store next door to Nordstrom Rack in Charlotte. So I ent in to see what I could find. I haven't purchased sneakers in a very long time. Which should tell you that my fitness game hasn't been up to par either. I came home with these Nike Dual Fusion running shoes with blue accents very reminiscent of my alma mater's Carolina Blue. These shoes are the most comfortable sneakers I have ever had! I promise you they feel like you're stepping on clouds. That may have something to do with Nike's FITSOLE technology that gives you serious cushion and comfort around your tootsies. The description of the shoe focuses on the comfort and breathability of the shoe. The side panels are mesh and the shoe is formed to prevent your foot from sliding whi

What men have taught me about relationships

By now you should get it. I am a tomboy at heart. I grew up around men who I love dearly. The men in my family surrounded me with nothing but love. (And jokes...sports...and magic shows). My homeboys strongly influence how I view men in general. To this end, almost everything you get from me about men will be positive. A huge thing I have received from the men in my life is how I view relationships. Quite honestly, almost everything I have learned about male-female relationships came from my guys. So let me tell you some of what men have taught me about relationships: Always know what you want and when you're ready to have it. There has never been a time in my life where I didn't know what I wanted. Most times I just knew I wasn't ready to have it. I also know this is okay. It's better to have a solid grasp on what you want and on the reality that you're not in a place to have and maintain it than to jump into something unprepared to keep it.  You

Sandwich maker for love

So this lady who writes for the NY Post Infamous Page6, has a blog called: Yep! 300 sandwiches. And they are fabulous sandwiches ! I am seriously going to try some of them myself, as someone who isn't a huge sandwich fan.  But the funny thing is, she's no culinary queen. This lady is on a mission to marry her man. You probably saw her on the Today Show. So you know the story. Her guy asked her to make him a sandwich, and she begrudgingly did. Afterwards he passively said she's only 300 sandwiches away from getting an engagement ring. She took the bait and has been making sandwiches since.  Admittedly I think she's being a little silly, and may make all of those sandwiches trying to get a ring then come up empty handed. Then seeing how she's always wanted marriage but moved in with the guy instead makes me raise a brow.  If he really wanted to marry her, what stopped him from giving the r

Why are there no relationship books for men?

A guy hit me up w/an article asking why there are no #relationship   #books  for  #men . I thought the answer was simple: How often do you see men stop and ask for directions? They just keep driving around and around until they accidentally run up on what they were looking for... Generally speaking, men are brought up to be self-preserving explorers. Typically boys are groomed to be completely self-reliant. Other folks who may join them may become a liability. You can read more about that in my upcoming book...which is finished by the way :)  So the last thing most men will stop to do is ask for help. Of any kind. Do they need it? Absolutely! Will they outright ask for it? Not on your life.  Women are different. So people mass produce self-help, love guru, relationship type books geared toward women. Why? Because women ask for it...all the time...nonstop...  So the answer is simple to me. What do you think? Why are there no (current) relationship books for men?  Fo

Jacoby Jones and Sweet Pea

When I go to read ESPN and see articles about injuries to football players, I don't expect strippers to be involved.  But athletes and strippers seem to be drawn to each other . Mix in some alcohol and bad decisions and voila!  Baltimore Ravens' player Jacoby Jones was allegedly cracked over the head with a bottle by a stripper named Sweet Pea.  Ravens Coacj John Harbaugh wasn't pleased:  "I'm not very impressed personally with the report," Harbaugh said. "It's not something we want to be known for. We'd like to think it's not something those guys would want to be known for. It's nothing to be proud of, so I'm kind of disappointed in that sense." But why was Jones hit with a bottle? Who knows? People make a lot of poor decisions when they don't think rationally. 

#37 What he said: A conversation with my guy friend

Troy "Xklusive Thoughts" Spry Certified Relationship Coach Today's Guy: Troy Spry ( @Xklusive5 ) Claim to fame: Certified Relationship Coach Sponsored post courtesy of: Glam 23 PR I sat down with Troy to talk about his goals and aspirations as a relationship coach. I stayed a little while to catch the beginning of his Xklusive Conversations event: "Every 3.5 seconds there's a dumb broad getting dropped off at work in her own car. Are you that dumb broad?" It may have been a Twitter meme, but it also spurs dating troubles and trauma all the time: Blurred Lines. Where your dating decisions do not align with your personal values. It is what Troy Spry tackled at his third Xklusive Conversations event at Basil Thai Restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina. The first conversation was held at an apartment complex titled: First Date. The second at a small clothing boutique titled: Battle of the Sexes. Saturday night's event was bigger an

Fight at Jets vs Patriots game

So the Patriots squeaked by  the Jets led by young QB Geno Smith. Smith pretty much screwed himself by throwing three interceptions, two at crucial times. Pats 13 Jets 10 Anyway, after the game was sealed in the Patriots' favor, a fight broke out. When one the Pats players jitterbugged out of bounds, a Jets player hurled himselve into the guy's knees. Then.... a fight broke out. And the player with my favorite  +NFL  name was thrown out: D'Brickashaw Ferguson. Is that not the dopest sports name ever? Follow  @YBBG_Blog on Twitter and use hashtag #YBBGTopic for more interesting discussions Check out YBBG on Facebook . 

Suh fined, but he probably doesn't care

       NFL fines Lions DT Ndamukong Suh  I missed the Detroit Lions game yesterday, but apparently Ndamukong Suh is back to his dirty tricks.   According to a loyal reader, DJ: "He was running to the side of a guy that was chasing a ball carrier(fumble I think) and he dives down to cut block a guy.....almost hurt the guy....they were about 10 yards behind the guy with the ball so it wasn't necessary." Suh has been fined/lost $342,500.00, but he has made $51,700,000.00 playing for Detroit.  So yeah...that's less than one percent of his salary... So yeah he's blowing bubbles with his Bubbalicious Bubble Gum with no worries, What can the NFL do to put a stop to Suh's sadistic antics? 

Becoming a tightwad

Tightwads have a fiscal advantage. When shopping they tend to haggle. They save more than they spend. There is no such thing as impulse buying with a tightwad. I thought about that while at Marshall's looking for home decor. As I strayed from the decorative items into the handbag aisle at Marshall's, quite a few designer bags caught my eye.  The gold metallic number from Michael Kors made my head swivel. I have a silver tote that is similarly designed. I wanted that gold one so badly! But what I'm not going to do is spend $179.00 for a handbag, which was massively discounted from the original retail price.  I know, it was ONLY $179.00 to a lot of people... Not to me! That $179.00 can go into my IRA...  I had to think about it this way because I tend to be an impulse shopper. I see it, I like it, I buy it... Not anymore. The fact that I didn't get all foolish lets me know I'm growing up. So I made it past that first hurdle, then I

NASCAR: Cheaters never prosper?

I NASCAR punished Michael Waltrip Racing.  I don't know that I've ever been that much into NASCAR, but when I heard about Clint Bowyer's intentional spin out, it caught my attention. I thought his interview was funny after the race. He was lying like a cheap toupee. It was bad! You could even hear the strategy for Bowyer's manipulation in one recording.  It was hilarious to me. If you're going to cheat, at least don't make it so obvious. Sheesh! 

Here comes the a hooker dress

What is more beautiful than a wedding? A couple of months ago, I attended a friend's wedding. Her father was the officiant and it was a very well crafted and beautiful affair. I think she wore two gowns, one for the ceremony and one for the reception. Both were beautiful...and looked nothing like this: Granted, I have seen different variations of this dress in a myriad of venues, none of those venues were weddings or more specifically weddings at a church. A Houston bride, Lisa Washington , allegedly decided her church wedding was the right place and time for this hot number.  Apostle Michael Canty of    The Truth Ministries Holiness Church rebuked Washington's dress and refused to perform the ceremony.  Now, I know many churches are "come as you are", but this right here just seems a bit ridiculous to me. People keep trying to turn church houses into twerk houses and it has gotten out of hand. Jae Tracie gives you instructions on Twerkin