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Tip and Floyd Mayweather fight over Tiny? (video)

The Instagram video is here . The video shows a chair being thrown in an alleged fight between Floyd Mayweather and Tip Harris. Oh boy...I wake up this morning and happen to check my tweets before getting ready to head out the door. What do I see on Twitter? About five tweets regarding an alleged Vegas altercation between T.I. and Floyd Mayweather. According to Twitter (and they usually get the news before anyone else), Tip and his boy Young Dro were in Vegas while Tip hosted at Prive. At some point, Floyd and Tip came into contact with each other at Fatburger and that's when things popped off. Rumors have been floating that Mayweather has been spending time with Tiny, Tip's wife. Of course the speculation is that Tip went off over that and chairs started flying. Let me be real about this...I don't know these people's lives. No one will ever get the story right about what happened or who threw chairs and was carrying on. These two men are well over the ag

Guy Secrets: He treats his friends better than you

I know, the title of this blog post may have caused a screw face with some of you. However...many women often complain about how much time their men spends with friends. There's a reason for that... If your man spends more time away from you and with his friends... It's because he likes them and feels obligated to you. That may seem a little crazy, but someone really can love you, but not like you very much. If your relationship is more like a chore than a good me, your dude will always look for an escape. He will take on more hours at his real job, join an extra rec league, hand out with his boys more, etc. There is a cure for that, though... If you and your boo have a genuine friendship...enjoy similar activities, can talk and joke with each other, really find joy in each other's personalities...he will actually want to spend time with you. More than that, when a dude considers you a friend, he feels more free and less tied down. Honestly,

What Whoopi said about men hitting women

So the aftermath of Solange whoopin' up on Jay Z in the elevator after the Met Gala had everyone talking for several days. The Knowles-Carter family has since put out a statement saying they have worked through whatever caused the foolishness. Admittedly, I chuckled when I saw all the fight memes from the aforementioned foolishness...but I don't think women hitting men (or men hitting women) is a laughing matter. I can say, something quite serious seemingly set Solange off...and Beyonce stood by looking like a statue (or step-ford wife) while her sister went B.S.C. on her husband... How do you plaster on a smile through all of that nuttiness? I don't know...Maybe Solange was fighting Beyonce's battles?  That being said, a lot has been made of what Whoopi Goldberg said on The View about men and women getting physical. In an episode of The View, Whoopi had this to say originally: Whoopi basically said, whether you're a man or woman... if you put yo

When did Nelly become super sidepiece?

I'm going to start calling Nelly Super Sidepiece...aka "Mr. Steal Your Girl" (sorry Trey). It seems like every other week he's the catalyst for mess in someone's relationship. LOL First it was Floyd "Money" Mayweather and now it's Panthers' franchise defensive end Greg Hardy. Nelly, you might be a home wrecker!! LOL And yes, dudes can be home wreckers too... I mean...dang! Nelly first you go Diddy bopping at basketball games with a world champion boxer's ex boo your name comes up in an alleged domestic violence dispute with the Kraken. Wth?! If Nelly were one of my guy friends, I would tell him to leave those groupie type chicks alone...Somewhere there is a bipolar athlete or entertainer waiting to chop some heads over that chick...for no other reason than his ego being bruised. And I know Nelly is on swole and all, but my money would be on Mayweather and the Kraken if things ever went down. I don't know i

Shhh...I've got a secret

Program for Post Secret, The Show Around 2005, Frank Warren  asked people to anonymously mail in their secrets to his home address on a postcard for an art project. What happened afterwards was a phenomenon that connected strangers from around the world....and even best friends who didn't realize they were strangers. I was invited by my blogging pal, Tamara, to the live performance of "Post Secret: The Show" at The Booth Playhouse in the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in Charlotte, on Sunday. I didn't know what to expect. I was intrigued. On the walk in, there was a table with postcards imploring you to drop in a mailbox one or two of your secrets. Everyone has secrets. Family secrets, best friend secrets, life secrets...The secrets shared in the play ranged from funny to tragic to hopeful. Real secrets shared by anonymous strangers were given voice by the actors on stage. There were many who felt hopeless, yet found hope within the post secre