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Fix a Black man's heart

Black men appeared on Iyanla Fix My Life to unravel the stereotypes and issues that plague many of them.  Fix a Black man's heart was the title of an Iyanla Fix My Life series that played out over three episodes from October 29th through November 12th. This blog post will be about that series and how many of the issues broached can be about any man, no matter his race.

FIU player severely injured in domestic violence attack

Mary Gasper faces felony aggravated battery charges after domestic violence attack on Jonnu Smith. Mary Gasper of Miami Gardens, Florida viciously attacked her boyfriend  FIU senior  tight end Jonnu Smith  on Halloween night. The news just hit yesterday about the domestic violence that may have ended Smith's very promising football career.

Curves Connect: Online dating for real people seeking real relationships

How do you feel about online dating? Is it right for you or all wrong?  Many people find online dating frustrating. Between the lies and game playing, the fear of being "catfished" and the sensory overload  they have decided that online dating is a waste of time. Others see online dating as no different than traditional dating and actually feel it is more convenient. Where do you fall within these two contrasting perspectives? 

Men vs Women: Birth Control

Side effects of birth control on men Birth Control has been a controversial topic for decades. Some religions ban birth control outright. Conspiracy theorists warn against use of birth control as a genocidal attempt at population control ( I swear, I had someone say this to me... ) None of that, however, touches the reaction of men to the side effects of male birth control in a recent clinical trial.

Ten reasons you should stay single

Being single is not so bad. Sometimes you just are not relationship ready.   I used to write a relationship column for a now defunct news portal. This is one of the posts that first appeared April 30, 2014.  Everyone wants to feel loved and accepted. People long for companionship and intimacy. Many have worked hard in life and desire someone with whom to share their accomplishments. So many people are relationship hungry when they are not relationship ready. Yet gurus, books, TV shows, your mamas and everyone else tell you that it is time for you to settle down. Someone should tell you the truth: You need to stay single! Face it, being wealthy does not make you relationship ready. Being beautiful does not make you relationship ready. Having accomplishments does not make you relationship ready. Getting old does not make you relationship ready. Wanting a relationship does not make you relationship ready. Sure you can just jump into a