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2012 Love and Relationship Resolutions

So the New Year is fast approaching... Usually people make resolutions about personal finances, goals for success, fitness and the like.  I hardly ever see any about dating, love, and relationships. I had to contemplate the resolutions I wanted to make period.  And I really didn't have any for 2012.  Then I thought about relationships... So I decided that my resolution would be to stop running away from having an enduring one. It may not seem like much, but it is for me.  I also decided that I would accentuate my positives and stop hiding them.  The two go hand in hand. I guess you'll learn more about that as you continue reading :).  I want to thank you all for reading this blog and being so supportive this past year, by the way :) Anywho... I asked some folks about their resolutions... Here are some responses. What are your 2012 LOVE and Relationship Resolutions? AD: Continue loving myself and learning from each relationship. SK :  Love myself first.. Everything

Chris and Keasha Draft

Draft Wedding Trailer from KRJ PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo . This story touched my heart.  Former NFL player, Christ Draft married his lovely wife Keasha Rutledge Draft on November 27th.  At the time Keasha was battling cancer. Keasha passed away one month to the day of her big day.  This simultaneously warmed and broke my heart. God bless their family and keep them during their time of mourning. Read more about the story here:

How old is this woman?

This lady is a bodybuilder. This morning around 7 am, I got a living social deal in my inbox for a set of 20 fitness classes. Either 20 bootcamps or 20 yoga classes.  All for the amazing low price of 20 bucks! Yep! 20 bucks.

All that I wanted was some chocolate chip pancakes

I wanted some chocolate chip pancakes for the past two days... So I decided to go to a pancake place for lunch.  Now this is what happened when I get in there. Walk in.  A lady behind the register is talking to a guy standing in front of the counter.  They carry on their conversation as though I'm not standing there... Apparently they knew each other.  Then she says "OH Do you want to eat in?" I say "No ma'am.  I want a take out."  Then her phone rings and she answers it and says "excuse me for a minute."  I'm like "huh?"  Seeing the look on my face she called someone else over to take my order... And that's when things got hilarious!! Waitress:   Do you need to see a menu? Me: No ma'am.  I already know what I want. Waitress:  Okay, go ahead with your order. Me:  I would like the chocolate chip pancakes combo. Waitress:  We can make any pancakes chocolate. Me:  Huh? I want the chocolate chip pancakes combo.

Relationships defined by a man

Emily B and Fabolous with son, Johan So, you know I like to bring you insight from men.  I talk to men almost every single day.  We have real discussions and this blog is based on my friendships with men.  Because I have such close guy friends, and grew up a tomboy, we tend to have the same opinions on a lot of things.  So check out what Dom "Breeze" Brown had to say about relationship statuses and the misuse of certain terminology.  I find it quite refreshing and true! RELATIONSHIPS DEFINED BY DOM BROWN: Boo thang = not good enough to be girlfriend/boyfriend but you the best thing I can find until further notice Girlfriend/Boyfriend = I hold you in high esteem and I love this exclusive relationship and hold it in high regard...if things pan out imma marry you woman/dude! Hubby/wifey = imma get everything from you a husband/wife does and marry somebody else 99.9% of the time...thanks for the good time though......SUCKER lol Wife/husband = I love you endlessly....

Are you a voter?

So around lunch time I went to the post office. As I exited, a man was standing out by a trash can and says "Excuse me ma'am, are you a voter?" I give him the side eye O_D and say yes I am.  He says, well I'm taking signatures for Democrats.  I'm like huh?  Well...I'm not a Democrat...I'm an Independent...what are you taking signatures for? Then all of a sudden his story changes.  Now he's taking signatures to put a good American Independent on the ballot.  Huh? So when you thought I was a Democrat (based on what exactly? Hmmmmmm.... O_D) you were taking signatures for Democrats. Now that I tell you I'm actually an Independent, now you're trying to put a Good American Independent on the ballot.  I say, well I'm not signing anything and I don't know who that man or woman is (The name on the ballot was Lonnie some'n or other...) Then this clown gets loud with me.  "Well you said you're an Independent didn't ya?!

He don't like your hair?

Okay.  Since I did a post on maintaining my natural hair, it is basically called for that I say something about how men view all this natural hair stuff. That video up top is funny to me.  Not even when I died  (it killed my hair) dyed my hair strawberry blonde, did men have so much to say about my hair. Some guys love it. Strangers have reached out and touched it.  A male co worker used to religiously run his hands through it and say "Juices and berries".  Another coworker would harass me daily, saying "you are so pretty..." O_O... Then on the flip side.  My homeboy Noa (yes I'm calling you out) asked me WTH I cut my hair for.  Saying I had lost my "power".  My BFF (Noa said I shouldn't call a guy "BFF"...but completely tripped when I BC'ed.  I had a stranger ask me why women were doing this to our hair these days.  As if we had all lost our minds and joined some type of cult. Another guy I know laments abo

Natural hair maintenance

When my hair was this was easier to handle. Those aren't hi lights, it is a clay conditioning mask from Butters-N-Bars. What is it about hair that drives a woman so crazy? LOL  Well...mine had me putting mud in my hair.  No... really. The mud is a clay conditioning mask from . ( Use code YBBG for 10% off your purchase .) When you use the clay masque it should be done in the shingling method. Just part small sections and apply it to clean damp or wet hair. It is reddish brown, and may stain your clothes, but not your it washes right out.  It will take you a while to get it all out though.  A heat cap helps it penetrate. I tell y'all the truth on here.  Having natural hair is fantastic.  It really is.  However, it takes the type of maintenance I never gave my relaxed hair.  My natural hair texture is thick with tiny coils.  It is looser in the back and has bigger spirals at the top. When it is dry, it is a heck of a mess

Jerome Simpson's acrobatic touchdown

This weekend was a fantastic time for sports! And it was Christmas weekend to boot!  Who could ask for anything more?  From Rose's last second jump shot to propel the Bulls over the Lakers, Kobe playing with a damaged wrist in Jordan-esque fashion to the Carolina Panthers showing glimpses of the greatness they have to come... Cam Newton broke all kinds of records.   Lebron and the Heat put the beat 'em down on the Mavs (Hey...why couldn't they do that in the NBA Finals? huh? Huh?!!!) But none of that tops the Olympic worthy move by Jerome Simpson of the Cincinnati Bengals!  This guy did a   vault-esque move that would put a number of Olympians to shame... It was reminiscent of Kerri Strug triumphant landing on one leg that garnered the US team the gold in 1996... ok... maybe not THAT good... But it was good... Kerri Strug

Give me more

Being okay is not enough.  Having what you need is not sufficient.  Just alright is nowhere near it.  We all want more.  Just surviving is not nearly living.  There is so much more. As I watched an episode of Divorce Court with Judge Lynn Toler, she said something that pierced me.  A wife was told that she deserved more than to just be alright.  She deserved to be comforted, protected, and to be secure.  I couldn't find the whole clip, but it was from this episode on November 16th. Judge Toler basically told her that just enough was not nearly enough.  You can be happy and not just getting by.  You can be fulfilled and not just making do. How many of you know that? Personally, I'm an un-confessed worrier.  I don't worry about me at all...because "I'm alright".  I worry about other people. I try not to ask for anything from most people, because "I'll make do."   If I need anything, I'll either try to find a way to get it myself or t

Learn how to accept rejection

I just saw the post of this article pop up from a lady who reads this blog (Hey B.B.!!!).  A Rock Hill, South Carolina man, hit a woman with a 12 pound bowling ball because she refused to allow him to buy her a drink! Come on people!!! What in the world is your problem?! So because someone does not accept your advances, you attack her?  Now why exactly should she want a man who would beat a woman senseless over something as small as a drink? From the Rock Hill Herald:  A Chester man is accused of throwing a bowling ball at a woman's head Sunday in Rock Hill after she refused to let him buy her drinks, authorities say. Omar Sheree Stevenson, 31, has been charged with attempted murder and is awaiting $100,000 bond at Moss Justice Center in York.Deputies were called Sunday to Strikers Family Sports Center, 124 N. Anderson Road, and found a 28-year-old woman on the floor next to the snack bar, bleeding from the forehead, according to a York County Sheriff's Office report. Rea