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Super Bowl parties suck

From "Half-Time Diet" If you haven't figured it out yet... I love football. Duh! I love sports period. With my childhood favorite team being in Super Bowl XLVII, I am thrilled! That said...I really dislike Super Bowl parties. I enjoy the food and don't mind the people. I despise the socializing. I just want to watch the game. People talk too much about unrelated topic, don't watch the game, and prevent you from watching. It is annoying! They pay more attention to the commercials and halftime show than the plays on the field. Grrrr!!! Please stop it! It gets on my nerves! Do you enjoy Super Bowl parties?

Kwame Harris: NFL, soy sauce, and underwear

So Kwame Harris is a former NFL player, who last played for the Oakland Raiders in 2008. Kwame Harris mugshot on left, football pic on the right. He's the talk of sports radio today because of an August 21, 2012 incident where he broke a man's face. Dimitri Geier suffered damage to the bones around his eye socket requiring installation of a metal plate. The real deal is, Harris is hot on the air because it is Super Bowl week and San Francisco is the team who drafted him in 2003. Oh and because Geier is his former boyfriend. According to Dan Lebatard's show on The Ticket, a Miami radio staton, Harris and Geier got into an argument over soy sauce and underwear. Harris became upset when Geier poured soy sauce on a plate of rice. Then Harris snatched Geier's pants down and accused him of stealing his underwear. According to another report, Geier hit Harris first, but because of the severity of Geier's injuries, Harris was charged. Harris appeared in cou

Elevator pranks in Brazil

What would you do if you were in an elevator and this happened? I'm sorry, but that little ghost would have been DDT'ed! LOL Would you even stay on an elevator if they brought a coffin on?

The Sisterhood: Behind the stained glass windows

There is a reality show about everything these days, so it should not come as a surprise that there is one about church. TLC has a show called "The Sisterhood" about first ladies of Atlanta. Apparently the producers of Real Housewives of Atlanta are behind this reality show as well. I am a reality show junkie.  Even still, I had a little consternation about this show. I may be abnormal in that I do not see what it is that sanctifies the position of "first lady". To me, they are women who married preachers. But I suppose in that sense, they are covered by the covering of their husbands. Growing up in a Baptist church, I have seen, at times, the way "first families" are treated like some kind of sanctified royalty.  It really did not make sense to me as a youngin, and it does not make sense to me now. I feel that each of us are called into a certain set of gifts in life. Gifts that should be used under the will of God, but that's my belief. I

Meet Kerri Walsh Jennings. See her Windows Phone

I paid more attention to the fact that Kerri was pregnant during the London Olympics than the Windows Phone. She is also working out while pregnant, which puts me to shame for being lazy lately! Ha! I'd like to imagine that Kerri was somewhat of a tomboy growing up, being into sports and all. How fantastic is it to have everything you want? She's an Olympian, a mom, and a career woman. That's pretty dope. What do you think?

A prayer for Dean Smith from NC State - Technician: Sports

A prayer for Dean Smith - Technician: Sports This beautiful article appears in the NC State student paper, paying homage to the beloved Dean Smith.  Dean is such an amazing person and he is currently dealing with a cognitive disorder that has clouded his memory. Dean has accomplished many things on the court, but what he has done off the court is what makes him beloved by many...even rivals. Smith is also known for running a clean program and having a high graduation rate for his players, with 96.6% of his athletes receiving their degrees. [3] [4]  While at North Carolina, Smith helped promote  desegregation  by recruiting the University’s first  African American  scholarship basketball player,  Charlie Scott , and pushing for equal treatment for African Americans by local businesses. [5]  -- Wikipedia Photo from The Daily Tar Heel, appearing with article Although our schools are rivals, it is more like a sibling rivalry. We do not really hate each other as much as fans wou

Keyonna Leak FOUND!

UPDATE KEYONNA HAS BEEN FOUND AT THE CHARLOTTE TRANSIT CENTER IN UPTOWN! I heard this young lady's aunt call into the radio station yesterday. She has been missing for two days. Many years ago, a young lady named Asha Degree went missing from my hometown, and she has never been found. Please do not let this be the case for this young lady. Help her family bring her home. From WBTV News: EMERGENCY MISSING 12-YEAR OLD! Police investigating Facebook messages: Girl sent FB messages to family: In one of the messages, the 12 year old writes, 'Mommy, help' and then a really disturbing one where she claims someone has been touching her inappropriately. Please share to locate Keyonna Leak (age 12) missing from Charlotte, North Carolina since 1/24/2013: A young girl is missing from east C harlotte and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's Missing Persons Unit is

Super Bowl XLVII Trivia

Super Bowl XLVII is a little over one week away. So my pal/colleague G suggested I do a Super Bowl Trivia post. Since she has a lot of strange football facts running through her head, I am going to use some of her questions. LOL All of the answers are related to participants in Super Bowl XLVII.  I will post the answers to the Trivia on Super Bowl Sunday. That way no one can cheat. You can email me your answers to  Trivia Answers  or leave them in the comments (no Ray Lewis had his first NFL sack against this QB, who he will see again in Super Bowl XLVII.  A current and very talented SEC basketball player has a father who will play in Super Bowl XLVII. Who is the father? Bonus...who is the SEC basketball player? I was born in Inglewood, California, my dad was a truck driver and I named my son in honor of him.  I weigh 100 lbs and live in a shell. My owner will be in the Super Bowl. Who am I? And who is my owner? To break what he called a "generational

Michelle Obama in red Jason Wu dress

For the Inauguration, POTUS came out in white tie black tux. FLOTUS wore a flowing Jason Wu dress. It was red, and I liked it!  Keep reading for the full front of the dress from  Obamas dance with members of the Armed Services.  AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Super Bowl XLVII: The Civil War

It is East Coast vs West Coast... Omega Psi Phi (Ray Lewis) vs Kappa Alpha Psi (Collin Kaepernick)... and brother vs brother.  People have already dubbed Super Bowl XLVII  the HarBowl. This will be one of the best Super Bowls ever! Jim Harbaugh is the head coach for the San Francisco 49ers, and his older (by only fifteen months) brother John is the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. How dope is that?! Both teams had amazing runs up to Super Bowl XLVII (47). On their way to the title game, the 49er beat the Green Bay Packers and the Atlanta Falcons. Baltimore beat the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots. I have cheered for the 49ers since the 80s, when I first learned what football was. So I could not be more thrilled! I absolutely despise the Patriots, so I rooted for Baltimore to beat them. They got the job done! So who do you think will win Super Bowl XLVII?

Don't touch my hair t-shirt

My friend showed me this t-shirt that reminded her of me. LOL It is from the website. You can get a 10% discount with code TSHIRTTEN

Scandal canceled?

Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington photo from No. Scandal is not canceled. It is as hot as ever. Every Thursday it blazes up my Twitter Timeline and Facebook Feed. Yet, I have never watched the show. My sister implores me to catch up by watching online. My Twitter Followers try to lure me in with their exasperated tweets. I even watch Funky Dineva Ross go in and let have with videos on YouTube. But I have not gotten into it. The Scandal craze reminds me of the 24 craze. I did not get into it either. Not since I lost my love for The Game have I been enthralled in a series that requires me to see every episode to know what's going on. I hear Scandal is great. It has everything I love... passion, scandal, politics, power...hahahaha But even with all of that, I cannot get into it. Neither can a few folks I've talked to about the show. They dislike it for many reasons... I have heard a couple of men say, "Oh, if it were a brotha as president banging

Manti Te'o and Catfish

Wow!!! Deadspin broke a story that Manti Te'o's "girlfriend" , who died from leukemia the same week his grandmother passed, never existed. Many felt that the story was created to boost his Heisman prospects. But could it be that Te'o carried on an Internet relationship with a woman he never met? Maybe Te'o was a Catfish victim? I listened to the Dan Lebatard show this afternoon when the story broke. My chin dropped...and hit the floor. I heard about Manti Te'o and his girlfriend not too long ago, as I didn't follow college football much this season. As a matter of fact, I looked it up during the Bronco Nagurski Award 's ceremony. I remember looking for pictures of them together online and could not find any. I thought it was a little weird, but just brushed it aside. Now I have to ask...was Manti lying or was he Catfished? I will tell you why I believe he was Catfished... Manti's relationship allegedly began online... I

Dondada: he is no Trinidad James

The guy in this video is dope! And he is no Trinidad James. I hate the fact that Trinidad James has a record deal..kinda. Not really. I applaud anyone who accomplishes his/her dreams. What I won't do is listen to stupid music. I really don't believe anyone should endeavor to get a record deal...When you sign the dotted line they own you in the worst way...but surely I digress... Now I believe James is gimmicky and it works for him. I'm not a huge fan of rap music anyway... but let's talk about talent. James is a gimmick. Just like a lot of other talentless people who sign huge deals. It becomes an embarrassment to me. It takes the art out of the artistry. But there are people who are very talented who you'll rarely hear of, like my city's own BettieGrind... Like I said, I'm not really into rap music, but I do like talented people. I don't know if this guy's name is "Dondada" or something else, but what I do know is dude is talente

Janet Jackson's Qatari fiancee and the 500 million dollar prenup

Janet with fiancee Wissam. Had I known that joining NutriSystem would get you a hot billionaire fiancee, I would have signed up a long time ago! Janet Jackson became the spokesperson for the diet plan and voila! Wissam Al Mana, owner of a billion plus dollar investment brand and Janet Jackson are set to tie the knot this Spring. They have been dating since 2010. I will just say...this is definitely a step up from Jackson's last boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri... Anyway... the two were supposed to marry on New Year's Eve, but their lawyers didn't finish haggling over the prenuptial agreement. According to a few sources, if after five years of marriage, the couple divorces, Janet will receive half a billion dollars.  I know a lot of people hate prenuptial agreements, but I think they are necessary in this day and time. I mean it is no different than paying dowries back in the day... What do you think? Are prenuptial agreements signs that a marriage is all about

Armstrong to confess to Oprah?

Word on the street is that Lance Armstrong, award winning infamous cyclist and founder of Livestrong, will make a confession to Oprah in an upcoming interview. Oprah's OWN network is picking up in the ratings department, and surely this Lance Armstrong interview will draw big ratings. Oprah gets more confessions out of people than the Pope! Dang! Lance Armstrong has gone out of his way to keep his alleged doping a secret, but Oprah's magical powers are doing what the governing body of cycling couldn't. Source: and ESPN radio

Transitioning from tomboy to...

wearing boys' sneakers Before I begin...let me first say men do like tomboys: BrooklyNupe  ‏ @ BrooklyNupe For a woman, it's an asset RT  @ CM_Writer : I love it when a guy respects my sports addiction. LOL! Collapse   Reply       Retweeted       Favorite   Often I speak about growing up as a tomboy. What I don't think I have told you is how the transition from tomboy to "diva" happened. LOL. I don't think I'm a diva, not in the sense of being a prima donna or anything. But I don't know what else to call it. I'm still not a girly-girl. Maybe I should say from tomboy to woman... I don't know. Anyway, follow me here. I grew up in a time where being a tomboy was an accepted way of life for many girls. Shoot, it was downright popular. I'm only a couple of days older than Aaliyah. She epitomized the "pretty tomboy" thing. Not to mention TLC. The ladies were all pretty in their own rights, and had that tom

Do you even like being an attorney?

Personal blog time... People keep telling me I should have gone into psychology. Two people said it just yesterday.  Then, last night while at a media event, a lady I've known for about two or so years told me I don't seem happy being an attorney.  She said it took someone else to tell her what I do because I never revealed that I practice law. I had to think about what she said. I really never told her that was what I do. Well usually when I saw her out, I had on my blogger/writer hat, and I try not to mix that hat with the practicing law hat. I also don't like to put "attorney" in front of my name. People like doing it for me though. LOL I really don't usually tell people what I do when I meet them. Typically, because it is not that important to me.   The title, I mean. What I do is important to me. I think when people lead with what they do, they forget who they are. I am not Attorney CM (well I am on my business cards...), I am CM who happens to

Hoodie-blazer trend in real life

I ran into this nice gentleman last night. He donned the hoodie with blazer trend I blogged about before with Cam Newton and Jason Lin. I loved his choice of color. What do think?

YBBG, what did you do today?

Whew! Today was hectic. I went into the office at 7:30, at 8:30 I was off to court to do battle. Court happened to be an hour away... Blah! Did battle...I mean we went toe to toe. All I know is, I got what I wanted, and walked out with a smile. So let me tell you...I had a long day. I had to find something to wear that would get me from office to court to office and then to a media event. Yes, I blog and litigate at the same time! LOL The dress I wore was great! OMG. I love it! I bought it with a gift card from my sister and brother-in-law that I received for Christmas. THANKS! This dress is everything! It is cute and comfortable. I wore it with a dress blazer for court and a faux leather jacket for the event this evening. My pal, No Limit Larry's manager contacted me about this media event for Metro Proponent's annual Date Auction. I write for Larry's site,, and will post information about the date auction there, within the coming da

Facing hurdles

There is a guy who works at the parking deck where I park my car. I chat with him every time I park there. The other day I asked how he was, and he told me. I said, "You seem a little bit in better spirits today."  He said to me, "You always seem happy and in good spirits." I said, "I choose to be. I can be happy or I can be sad. I choose to be happy." No matter what anyone says to you, happiness is a choice. It just is.  Life will bring with it so many things you have to get over. get to choose to get over it or let it get you down. There was a time when I did not know that happiness was my decision. I allowed hurdles I faced in life to impact me deeply. But now? Ha! Please! Hurdles are nothing. I keep jumping them until I build up the strength to not even lose stride when they come in my path. So I'm challenging you to get over your hurdles. Build your strength. Don't lose stride. 

Aasha Davis talks being Racey and having guy friends

Aasha Davis plays Rayshanicia Jones. the Unwritten Rules is all about Racey's plight in corporate America.  I work in corporate America as well as in private practice. ( Yes...I burn the candle at both ends sometimes. ) So the Unwritten Rules speaks to me! I love this web series. Rayshanicia aka Racey ( forgive me for spelling this )... goes through everything I've gone through at work! Except for the name. I have a very resume friendly name. Anyway Aasha Davis plays Racey Jones. Aasha has appeared on several prime time television shows including Gilmore Girls, Friday Night Lights, Grey's Anatomy, etc. I decided to reach out to her to learn more about her role in the series. We communicated during the holidays. Me:  I randomly found the Unwritten Rules while  surfing YouTube during my break from TV. You play Racy on the Unwritten Racy an extension of your personality or just a character you play? Aasha:   Wow, we&