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Six years of professional writing

Hey folks! It has been quite awhile since I last blogged. I've actually written blogs, but haven't posted them.

I've written about a lot of current events and pop culture, but just as I steadied my finger to hit the "publish" button, I asked myself: Is it worth it?

After six years of writing professionally, I've become somewhat cynical. This summer marks my sixth year of writing for, where as a freelancer I write about relationships and even give relationship advice.

Since then, I've had articles cited in major publications, I've taken on a role as a contributor to an entertainment site for a major entertainment company, I've written for celebrities, I've interviewed celebrities. 

I've hosted relationship panels, appeared on local radio, reviewed products for companies, written two books, and done a whole lot of fun stuff and not so fun stuff.

I've learned how to write professionally, learned how to interview properly, and missed deadlines and interview opportunities. 

Now, I'm asking myself is it worth it? LOL

When I started publicly sharing my written thoughts, six years ago, it was done without a plan, strategy or end goal.

I wrote myself out of sadness and depression. That's just the truth. I wanted to help other people to healthy selves and that's why I started writing. It was as simple as that, if that is simple. 

I didn't know that writing publicly came with a requirement of also being a public person. Look now, one thing I love is my privacy, but the more people read what I wrote the more they wanted to know about me. Quite frankly, I didn't want to tell them, but I started to do it a little more and more over time. 

So in year two, I did a photoshoot and put those pictures out there, attaching them to my name. I'm the type of chick who gave guys fake names and numbers back in the it was hard for me.

It wasn't that I wanted to hide, I just didn't want to be known. It was funny at times because people would look me up and I've had a couple contact me outside of writing to talk trash because they didn't like what I had written...usually they wouldn't leave a name. I'm a bold and brazen kind of chick too, so I would return the favor to the folks who were out of pocket. Look now...I haven't been laid back and nice my whole life...or as a Baptist would say: "I ain't been saved all my life..." 😂😂😂. Some stuff I still have a tight grip the "You ain't going to talk to me any kinda way and expect me to let it slide." attitude... Lol not that it is a good thing...but hey...I get it...I should have thicker skin sometimes...other times...I just don't give a....

So writing has been an adventure. Ups and downs and downs and ups. I've wondered if the message I send is worth it or understood. 

Do people get that I often write about the perspectives of men as a bridge between the sexes and not to bash, belittle or bewilder? Do people get the interviews that I do with celebs hardly ever have anything to do with their stardom? 

Should I write about more gossipy, light hearted stuff or stick to trying to get a positive message across? Does my writing interfere with my lawyering? Has writing stopped being fun? Did I lose my way when all of these opportunities kept popping up? 

Yeah... Being the super-self-critical Capricorn that I am... All of these things run through my head. Soooo as I move forward I'm going backwards. 

I am creating a plan. I am jumping back into the fun of writing. So six years of professional writing and I'm finally figuring out what I want to do. Wish me luck! 


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