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Donald Trump is not an anomaly

Donald Trump Billy Bush
Billy Bush, Donald Trump and actress Arianne Zucker
You knew who he was. All of the hand wringing and "Oh my gosh, I can't believe it!" commentary coming this morning after the Billy Bush-Donald Trump tape was released by the Washington Post, is so disingenuous.

In the tapes, from a 2005 Access Hollywood interview, Trump can be heard discussing how he went after a married woman, how he has his way with women because he can't control himself, and how he does whatever he wants to do because he's famous, and the women let it happen. Bush starts egging him on saying an actress walking by is "hot as **it!" Then he cheers and rallies as Trump continues on talking.

After Trump makes his outrageous comments about grabbing a woman's privates, Bush encourages the young woman who comes to the trailer to give Trump a hug. Bush blamed the commentary on his youth, in a statement yesterday. Give me a break! These privileged dudes talk like this and encourage this predatory behavior, but change it up when putting on the cloak of "religious, family man."

These weren't two high school boys blowing smoke in a locker room about their conquests. These were two grown men (Bush 33 and Trump 59, at the time) from wealthy families, talking about violating women.

Yes, some men talk like this, worst yet, many of those who talk like this act on the language. (When I was fresh out of college, I worked in a very male-dominated industry as a technical writer. I typically get along quite well with men in any environment and share a mutual respect and comradery. That was not the case with two of the men at this company. 
Whereas, I was treated more than well by the majority of the men there, these two jerks harassed me at every turn. It was like they played off of each other and were in some demented competition. One day the head of the maintenance crew cornered me and I was terrified. Thankfully, my boss, his boss, and his administrative assistant shut all of that down.) Donald Trump is clearly one of the ones who not only speaks this way, but actually acts on it. Sexual assault is not funny. It is not boys being boys. It is poisonous violence.

There are some men who have been taught that a woman's only value is her utility to them. They do not see women as human beings deserving of the same respect and dignity as men. They just refuse to see it, and some women swallow that pill and treat it as though it is truth. It's disgusting.

Some of you are teaching your own kids to believe and behave this way, either actively or passively. When you teach kids that they are entitled to whatever, whenever, from whomever, you are teaching them to become that which you also teach them to fear: A predator.

Trump is the same man who has spoken of his daughters as though they were objects of his perversion. In '94, Trump spoke on baby daughter Tiffany's legs and potential of developing breasts like her mother. Trump, when talking about the potential of daughter Ivanka posing for Playboy, said he would probably date her if she weren't his daughter.

Donald Trump is the old man version of Brock Turner.


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