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What Whoopi said about men hitting women

So the aftermath of Solange whoopin' up on Jay Z in the elevator after the Met Gala had everyone talking for several days. The Knowles-Carter family has since put out a statement saying they have worked through whatever caused the foolishness.

Admittedly, I chuckled when I saw all the fight memes from the aforementioned foolishness...but I don't think women hitting men (or men hitting women) is a laughing matter. I can say, something quite serious seemingly set Solange off...and Beyonce stood by looking like a statue (or step-ford wife) while her sister went B.S.C. on her husband... How do you plaster on a smile through all of that nuttiness? I don't know...Maybe Solange was fighting Beyonce's battles? 

That being said, a lot has been made of what Whoopi Goldberg said on The View about men and women getting physical. In an episode of The View, Whoopi had this to say originally:

Whoopi basically said, whether you're a man or woman...if you put your hands on someone, you should anticipate that person exercising his or her right to hit you back.

I agree! People don't like the notion of men hitting women. Heck, neither do I...but I also don't like the notion of women hitting men.  I've told you all several times about my work with domestic violence and also losing friends and family members to DV situation. So yes, I  have seen the worst part of DV. That is why I  want to see it end. 

I do not believe in negative physical activity in a relationship. I am not going to slap a dude. I'm not going to throw things at him. I am not going to destroy property. All of those things are choices. If I, as a woman, cannot provoke a man to hit me through my words or hurting his feelings...he cannot provoke me to physical violence either through his words or hurting my feelings. We are not toddlers...we are adults.

I know how to walk away when I get mad enough to put my hands on someone. This is coming from someone who has dealt with having a hot temper. Walking away is something I have had to learn. That being said...if a guy EVER jumps out of his monkey mind and attempts to lay hands on me...all bets are off...and I do mean all...

I have this policy: Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. AND  IF YOU EVER DO UNTO ME, WHAT I WOULDN'T DO UNTO YOU...PREPARE FOR YOUR LIFE TO BECOME IMPOSSIBLY DIFFICULT TO LIVE.

Back to celebrities being physical. I happen to be one of the only people who does not believe Chris Brown was/is a woman beater. I actually believe (based on her own words) that Rihanna was the violent one in their relationship, and the infamous Grammy incident was Chris striking back after he had reached his breaking point. Rihanna is the same chick who cracked her own brother with a glass bottle and who admittedly had a penchant for slapping Chris around.

Yet when he finally struck back, the world came down on Chris Brown. No one ever does that when a battered woman strikes back...heck they create legislation to give her a get out of jail free card. That makes no sense to me whatsoever. A gunshot from a woman hurts the same as a gunshot from a man.

Too many chicks feel free to throw hands because they know many men have been taught to never hit a woman. I personally know of several men who have dealt with face slapping, knife wielding women. And honest to the most high...I feel they should have struck back and then left the heiffas alone. Crazy does not have a gender preference.

People have taken the whole: A MAN SHOULD NEVER HIT A WOMAN thing to the highest heights of asinine. That whole premise is stupid to me. No one should be free from consequences of their actions. I don't care how delicate you are. If you know you're that delicate, KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF! No one should feel free to hit on another person. Maybe if people dealt with consequences, they would curtail their own stupid behavior.

Why would you hit someone anyway? Well...I know what some ladies had to say about why they hit (or used to hit) men. Check out this article. Honestly people hit when they feel out of control and lose their composure...but that is no justification.

You do not have to lay down and be a doormat and allow abuse...Get out of the situation. Having a toxic relationship is not necessary. You do not deserve being slapped, kicked or punched. How could you live like that? There are peaceful relationships where people don't hit each other....sheesh!

This is simply my take on what Whoopi said. The video starts with Whoopi standing by her comments:

Opposing view from a guy: 

Nope I disagree. Me being 6'6 260 pounds, i can't justify hitting my tiny gf if she slapped me. I would do alot more damage then she could possibly do to me. What happened to chivalry and self discipline? Was no other man taught that restraint is far different and acceptable in these types of situations. I would'nt hit her, i would hold her back because I'm big enough to do so.--J. ONeill
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