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When did Nelly become super sidepiece?

I'm going to start calling Nelly Super Sidepiece...aka "Mr. Steal Your Girl" (sorry Trey). It seems like every other week he's the catalyst for mess in someone's relationship. LOL

First it was Floyd "Money" Mayweather and now it's Panthers' franchise defensive end Greg Hardy. Nelly, you might be a home wrecker!! LOL

And yes, dudes can be home wreckers too... I mean...dang! Nelly first you go Diddy bopping at basketball games with a world champion boxer's ex boo your name comes up in an alleged domestic violence dispute with the Kraken. Wth?!

If Nelly were one of my guy friends, I would tell him to leave those groupie type chicks alone...Somewhere there is a bipolar athlete or entertainer waiting to chop some heads over that chick...for no other reason than his ego being bruised.

And I know Nelly is on swole and all, but my money would be on Mayweather and the Kraken if things ever went down. I don't know if Nelly's beast mode is on par with either of theirs.

For those of you who have no idea as to what I'm taking about above... This is what allegedly went down with the Panthers' DE, Hardy.

There was a series of 911 calls placed from Hardy around 4:18 am the other day. According to his girlfriend, Nicole Holder (a cocktail waitress at the Epicentre), Hardy became irate over talk about Nicole and Nelly hooking up while she and Hardy were on a break.

Nicole claims that Hardy threatened her and threw her in a bathtub and on a bed or sofa full of loaded guns. Hardy claims that Nicole actually struck him with one of her heels and wouldn't leave his place. 

She didn't show up for her Temporary Restraining Order hearing today, but Hardy is still facing assault on a female and communicating threats charges.

I don't know what actually went down, and you will never hear the full story.. But I have a little piece of advice for both Nicole and Hardy.

Nicole, a dude like Hardy who is still young and emotionally immature does not want to hear about your sexcapades with a forty-year-old man. He just doesn' could be the biggest whore on the planet and he will still want you, but he wants to maintain his image of you being wholesome... It might not be right...but it's true. Knowing that everyone should keep their hands to themselves goes without saying...but please don't put yourself in a situation where you are going toe to toe with an NFL Defensive will never end well... You will lose every single time...Sure you can take out assault charges, but you may not survive the next one. The fact remains that you have a choice... Whether you or he introduced violence into your's time to put your heels on and be out! 

Greg, you cannot be stupid your entire life! First of all...I am not going to downplay Nicole's value as a human being...BUT... You need to find a woman who has as much to lose as you do. I heard you tell one of the sports radio guys that you have a thing for Miley Cyrus...well there ya go! And if you did in fact throw that girl around like a rag need to enroll yourself into some intensive therapy and stay away from women until you're cured. If she's lying...leave her lying Nelly boppin behind the same way you found her...carrying drinks and taking orders. You are ripe for a huge contract and having your name in the police blotter is going to have your butt waiting tables instead of crunching quarterbacks. 

And stop moving chicks you don't know into your home!!! You're still young...go out and explore...don't get tied up in a mess before you have even had an opportunity to discover who you are...

Domestic violence is a serious matter. I take it seriously and I know it can be avoided by using a little common sense..But common sense isn't always common...

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