Twelve Years Ago

Guess who's back...

Twelve years ago, I started this blog. I wrote prolifically, I interviewed people, and I had a really good time doing it. Portions of the blog were used in a book, eight years ago. This blog took me on a wild ride. Some of the guys from this blog are now married, some with children. One recently became a Super Bowl winning assistant coach. 
I met people who were introduced to me through the blog before ever really laying eyes on me in person. That was weird, but I warmed up to it. I became a recurring guest on two different radio stations...something I never saw myself doing. This whole thing was done on a whim, and it became so much more than that. 

People trusted me with some of their innermost secrets to post anonymously, and I did. People would reach out to me for relationship help, and I obliged where I could. Often, I tried to not give "relationship advice" in the sense that I do not believe in relationship gurus. More often than not, I saw myself as giving human interaction advice...advice on being empathetic. 

All of this was happening while I was recovering from a broken heart, half-heartedly dating, and then slowly becoming gravely ill...while running a law practice. LOL  Basically...I was doing the most.

In 2017, I became so ill that I landed in ICU for about 4 days or so. It took more than a year to find out what was really wrong with me...a brain tumor. That diagnosis and the subsequent treatment took a major toll on me. I had surgery to remove the tumor in 2019, and the treatment that followed took some getting used to...still getting used to it... 

I said that to say this... I'm BACK! 

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