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Hoop Dreams: Grandpa wants to join the NBA

At what point should hoop dreams die? 

Calvin Roberts is angling to make the G-League (formerly known as the D-League), NBA developmental league. Roberts is 61-years-old. From Fox News:
Roberts was drafted in the 4th round, 83rd overall by San Antonio in the 1980 NBA Draft. During that summer, he spent time with the Spurs, Clippers and Hawks, but failed to crack any regular season roster.

Not to date myself, but I was in diapers when Roberts was drafted and ended up playing, I am just a couple years younger than Vince Carter, the oldest current player in the NBA. Carter recently said he's, "open"to joining the Golden State Warriors.

image: Riffy
NBA Basketball is like a drug. Out of all other sports, I swear basketball is the one where every player still feels like he has something left in the tank and either can make it to the league for the first time, or make it back into the league. Just the other day, I was listening to local sports radio, when former NBA player Stephen Jackson was on promoting the Big3 League.

BIG3 is a 3-on-3 basketball league started by Ice Cube. It touts former NBA players like Kenyon Martin, Allen Iverson, and Jackson. The thing that got me about Jackson's interview was that buddy said he hopes playing in the BIG3 will give NBA teams a good look at him to see that he still has something left.

Jackson was sounding like Eddie Kang, Jr. begging to rejoin the 5 Heartbeats. (His name was Eddie King...not Eddie Kane...seriously...look it up!)

At what point should Hoop Dreams die?? 

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