Did Kevin Samuels have it wrong?

Psychology Today claims men make up
62% of dating app patrons.

Kevin Samuels passed away months ago, but his legacy lives on. One cursory view of many social media platforms explodes multiple KS devotees avowing his teachings about modern women and high value men.   

The nature and tone of these views center around the fate of modern women dying single and alone, being lonely, no longer being desirable after a certain age, and/or needing to lower their standards to find a marriageable man. The tone is: women are the problem and need to fix themselves. 

A couple of days ago, Psychology Today posted an article entitled "The Rise of Lonely, Single Men" which belies the teachings espoused by KS and his followers. The article focuses on the changing dating landscape and the need for men to develop more skills that are attractive for women seeking healthy relationships. 

So which is it? Are men the problem, are women the problem, are both the problem, or is there no problem at all? 

If men and women both want healthy relationships and are not getting them, then it would follow that we are both the problem. 

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