Men and Women Can Learn a lot from Toddlers

Seeing life through the eyes of a child can
change your outlook in a positive way. 

Men and women can learn a lot from toddlers, and it is not how to throw a tantrum. Both parties tend to have that part down pat. So what is it that men and women can learn from toddlers, you ask? 


1. How to express emotions

If toddlers are discontent, they cry. If they are happy they laugh and smile. Wanting some emotional support, they reach for a hug. It is very simple. There is no deeper analysis as to how this will make them look, and what if it isn't reciprocated. The downside is...if they are mad, they might cut up...(something men and women tend to do as well...and it should be unlearned.) 

2. Getting directly to the point

When toddlers have a need, they point it out. Needing to go to the bathroom, a toddler will say "potty." There's no long drawn out dissertation on bladder and bowel movements or why one bathroom is better than the other. It's simply..."potty" and the person who cares for them meets their needs. 

3. Asking the pertinent questions

Well, the main question... WHY?! A toddler will "why?!" you to death. The kids are just trying to gain foundational understanding, so that they will know how to move when dealing with you. If what you said yesterday is different from what you're saying today, then "why?!" is an apropos question. When you want to know something, you should ask and not assume. 

4. Exploration

Toddlers are trying to figure things out. They do not know everything, but explore to see what life is like. This makes them pretty funny and fun to be around. If men and women realized that they also don't know everything, they would probably find themselves as more fun to be around as well. LOL Think about the joy in figuring things out together...kinda like seeing a toddler walk for the first time. 

5. Apologizing

One thing a toddler knows how to do is say "I'm sorry" or "Sorry" to get out of trouble. As they learn and grow, they also learn how to not become repeat offenders. People also tend to give them grace...because they are still learning. 

6. Trying again

One thing about kids is that they are resilient. Toddlers will dust themselves off and try again until they figure things out. We often encourage them by saying "it's okay, you'll get it next time." How refreshing is it to have hope and opportunity? 

7. Being appreciative 

You can do the most mundane thing for a toddlers and they will say, "thank you." They find joy in finding joy. Basically, they find joy in simple things, and if you are part of that, they are grateful. Sure, saying "thank you" is something they were taught, but they use it willingly. They show appreciation and expect it back. 

8. Letting it go

Yeah, like that little cartoon character chick. Kids live life like holding onto grudges is akin to carrying around a full diaper. At some point you have to let that *stuff* go. It is holding you down and it stinks. 

I know you've been through some things in life that have changed you. Life experiences can cloud your sunny disposition. The blessing of getting older is gaining wisdom, not becoming jaded. 

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