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Thorns and all

One thing I've learned as I've grown and matured is that people want to be loved thorns and all. Whether they have more negative attributes than positive, they want to be loved. Those same people may not know how to love back and may not even know what love feels like, but they desire to be loved.  Let me make this personal. I avoided commitment for a long time because I had zero faith that a man could love me thorns and all. Could a man be in love with me? Absolutely, but that is a selfish kind of love, in my view. Being in love with me is about how I make you soon as I no longer make you feel that way, the fickleness of "in love" seeps in and "in love" flees. I did not want that. Could a man show love to me? Certainly, but that did not mean I would feel it. I could only receive love in the manner in which I understood it. If his version of showing love did not align with my understanding of love, it was purposeless to me. Could I love a man? Most

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