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SNL does Paula Broadwell

SNL has an uncanny way of digging into the recesses of the average person's mind and flipping a scandal into pure unadulterated comedy! I knew I was not alone when I felt that the biography of General David Petraeus co-written by his mistress, Paula Broadwell, had a more salacious first draft...

Anyway, the Petraeus affair is crazy. I have not watched Scandal, but from what I hear, this might give the show a run for its money! All of these married folks with serious responsibilities sure had a lot of time to commit all types of acts of foolishness.

This Paula lady is married to a very handsome doctor here in Charlotte. General Petraeus has been with his wife for over 30 years! And then the "socialite" aka Kim Kardashian-wannabe Jill Kelley is a whole lot of messy and a little bit of crazy from what I've read.

Clockwise from left to right: General Petraeus, Paula Broadwell
with General Petraeus, General John Allen and his
sexting partner, Jill Kelley.

It floors me that people who are supposed to be the leaders in a world are so trifling in their personal lives. But I should not be surprised...everybody has a breaking point, and no one is perfect.

Anywho, this sordid circle has General Petraeus messing around with Paula Broadwell, General John Allen sending over 30,000 messages via text and email between he and Jill Kelley, who is married to an oncologist in Tampa, Florida. 

Crazy right? And it all blew up when Kelley got shook by threatening messages from Broadwell to back up off her man. Ummm...wait a minute! Mrs. Broadwell, you mean to tell me you in your side-chick hustle had the audacity to tell some other scandalous broad to leave your MARRIED lover alone?# iCANT
To read more about this real life spy saga...check out this article: Key players in the General Petraeus affair

What do y'all think about this mess?


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