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YBBG's day off

At my office after a long morning in my Ross dress.

Most people sleep in on their days off, or find something completely frivolous and entertaining to do. Not me! Ha!

So...How did MsYBBG spend her day?

6:20-- Alarm goes off

6:25-- Alarm shut off

6:30-- Other alarm goes off...

Okay, yeah...I'm not REALLY going to take you through my day minute by minute. But.. I started the day visiting some of my favorite people.

Clearly this is an old picture...but you get the point.
While there, a young lady spoke about voting rights and the BET protect my vote forum moderated by Noleezy at Charlotte School of Law at 2pm on Sunday.  Then Noleezy and I had a battle of the sexes about who pays for dates and the air, that was taken to Twitter. HA!

Welp  in here with a ? Women would u go half on a room?!

Fussing with  about financing dates...  said "once I've spent $100.00..we together" LMBO

I had to rush from the Power98 studio to meet a fellow UNC Alum and former NFLer at Panera.

That is a dope bow tie, don't you think?
We had a very frank discussion about mental health issues, NFL programs that assist players as they transition out and our time at UNC. You'll see more about our discussion on here in the coming week(s) or so.

I zipped away from Panera to head to WGIV to talk about law on Money talk with Atiya Harris at noon.

In front of the mic at WGIV

Now, I'm actually in my office, typing this blog, and about to call it a day and head home. My day was great, even though it was tiring. I enjoyed being back at the radio stations. It is always a funny adventure at, and very enlightening at

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