Dumb it down

Last year, writer Bene Vierda wrote a piece for Essence.com titled "Do I have to dumb it down to date?"
In it, she laments about how all her accomplishments force her to either have to play back all of who she is and go along to get along, or find a new crop of equally "accomplished" men to date. 
It's funny because "Dumb it down" is one of my favorite Lupe Fiasco songs. 

Anyway, one of my brothers from a another mother (and father) aka my homeboy accused me of dumbing down my sports knowledge in the past.  Now in the particular instance he references, I did kinda do that.  Not on purpose though.

I was watching a basketball game with a guy, who insisted on telling me EVERYTHING in the WORLD about basketball. I made an honest attempt to tell him he didn't have to tell me because I played basketball since I was knee high to a grasshopper.  But he was so enthralled in imparting his wisdom, that I let him carry on.  So then I told my homeboy about it and he was livid! LOL (Not really...but for him...that's just his demeanor...lmbo)

He said I should not have thought the guy was "so weak" as to not be able to handle my thorough knowledge of basketball.  Firstly...I didn't think the guy was weak nor unable to handle my sports knowledge. Heck, I'd known him for over ten years, and he knew I played basketball.  Apparently he had forgotten.  I didn't want to burst his bubble, so hey...keep the party going.  I just nodded and smiled, throwing in the occasional "uh huh".

Secondly, I would never consider dumbing myself down to make someone feel better about themselves.  That's insulting to the person and to me! I seriously don't feel it is that serious.  People have different life experiences and you can learn something from any and everybody.  Resumes don't make people.  People make resumes. 

With that being said: Have you ever had to play down your accomplishments or experiences so as to make your date feel more comfortable?


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