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Heauxs need love too

Do you ever REALLY think about the people you date? I have heard people say "____________ (fill in the blank with a negative character trait) need love too."  Ummm... maybe they do, but you do not have to be the person to give it. Further, if you get too deep with a person still dealing with their vices, what happens when children come into the situation?

What thugs need, hoes need, and any other negative character trait, is self love to do better.  Romantic love is a whole other thing.

I thought about how people meet a person, who could very well be a decent person, but for a very serious character flaw.  I think anyone can, and should, move beyond labels created by their poor choices.  Usually there are deeper issues going on that lead to those poor choices anyway.

Although it may be understandable that a person has a certain character flaw, that does not make the flaw OKAY.  Where we tend to get confused, (like the young lady in the video below...) is confusing understandable with righteous.

I UNDERSTAND that you may have chosen to act out on your emotions and feelings in a wholly negative way...such as sleeping around...but I also UNDERSTAND that doing so is not the RIGHT way to go.  The young lady in this video goes on a hyperbole track that I see with a lot of people who hold the views she expresses. Because a woman feels shame for being whorish, women are getting raped.  UMMMM NO MA'AM.  Her message is convincing to a lot of people because she is young, and extremely articulate.  But anyone with a sober mind knows that her message is replete with well foolishness. LOL

For some reason, these days, we like to make people feel good about their dysfunction.  I'm sorry, but some shame is necessary.  When you know better, you do better.

Just like you don't have to be dumb your WHOLE life... you don't have to be ho-ish or thuggish your WHOLE life either.  AND before someone swoops in to play captain save 'em...there is some character change that has to take place.

Relationships often get too deep before this happens.  Then you look around and wonder how you ended up having a relationship with a person whose character was not up to par.  Then you want to leave your offspring in the person's care? bueno!

After I posted this...I decided I left something wanting. "heaux" does not only apply to women. Oftentimes, women get involved with ho-ish men, and expect them to be upstanding gentlemen and fathers.  A man's ho-ish ways are as detrimental as a woman's.  Maybe even more so. A man has the ability to populate the whole neighborhood with his spawn...without any downtime.  So you have generations and populations of dysfunction, based off the dysfunction of one person who felt his character was fine. 

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