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Keeping tabs on your significant other

Does she have a GPS tracker on her man?
How long can you be out of your lady's or man's sight before she/he starts to blow up your phone? Do you have to call for a check in on schedule before your love starts to worry?

If a day goes by without you hearing from your sugar boo, do you send out a search party? Are unanswered phone calls followed up with e-mails, text messages, and repeated phone calls where you hang up when the voicemail picks up? Do you drive by to make sure he/she is where he/she is supposed to be?

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For a long time I was extremely nonchalant in relationships...I honestly still am.  I don't believe in keeping tabs on a guy I'm with.  It makes no sense to me.

But in one relationship, quite some time ago, I found myself lulled into that situation.  It was crazy to me. For example, I went out to dinner with two coworkers, leaving my phone in the car to charge.... When I finally left the two hour dinner, I had twenty missed calls from the guy I was seeing at the time. WTH?!

Was there some sort of emergency? No.  Did he drop the call, therefore requiring him to call back repeatedly? NOPE.  I just failed to "check in" according to him. Huh?

I admit, I have an issue with anyone checking up on me. If I say I'm going to be a certain place, that's where I am. I have no need or desire to lie. When it comes to the point where I deem it necessary to lie, DONNELL JONES (I'd rather leave, than to cheat...).

My friends who I had dinner with explained to me the purpose of "checking in".  It alleviates the insecurity of the other party.  They don't have to worry about you or whatever  Okay. I get that. But there is a point where it crosses the line.

The type of relationship where a person keeps tabs on you, puts you under the veil of suspicion and questions your every move, will begin to trouble your spirit.  That particular relationship drew me completely out of my character.  I was on edge, unstable, and unhappy.  It made no sense.

I am happy it ended.  There was no good that could have come from it.  Are you a person who keeps tabs on your mate? Do you feel it necessary to check in with your honey?  What's the purpose of keeping tabs/checking in? Are they one in the same or different?

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