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Dennis Rodman: Who created the monster?

Dennis Rodman said that he is not known for anything good. Despite the fact that he's an NBA champion and hall of fame basketball player.  Despite the fact that he's known throughout the world and has drawn people to him. He was on ESPN speaking about his life and how the persona he created gave him fame and work.  He claims no one wanted to hire him when he was sober.

Rodman was shy and quiet growing up, from what I've read and heard. He was even kinda cool and quiet when he played for the Bad Boys aka the Pistons.

But somewhere in the 90s he became a darn lunatic on wheels. From cross dressing to piercings, to run-ins with the law. He was out (of the asylum) and proud! Who created the monster?

Was it his father who abandoned him when he was five? The NBA that put him on a stage that he was not prepared for?  The world that treated him like a spectacle? Or his own self-destructive actions?

When he was inducted into the Hall of Fame, he said his only regret was that he was not a better father.  Recently he revealed that he had only seen his 24 year old daughter for about five total days in all her life.

He is behind over $800,000.00 in child support to his last wife. For some reason this lady was receiving fifty grand a month in support. (Goood Lawd that's a lot of money! In my Chris Rock from In Living Color voice.)

He has been all over TMZ, was on Celebrity Rehab, and cannot seem to battle his demons. Yet he is loved by many...don't know if he realizes that.

What caused this? Was it his upbringing? His desire to break out of his shyness? Or just the turmoil that a person experiences to the point that he loses himself and knows no other way out?

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