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Lebron James gets no respect

Lebron should be the poster boy
for the NBA.
Photo from 
After Game 2 of the Heat-Pacers series, the sports world went wild about the Heat's poor play. "Why did Lebron miss two free throws?" "Why didn't Lebron take the final shot?"  In that game Lebron was just a tad under 50% shooting, and led the team in scoring.

Fast forward to Game 3, the Heat got blown out. D-Wade had 5 points with 5 turnovers to match. Lebron was the second highest scorer, the only other starter who even scored in double digits was Mario Chalmers. Both Battier and Pittman laid goose eggs!  Yet the media, and old fat guys who never played any sport in their lives, found a way to blame Lebron, and excuse D-Wade.

Stat sheet from Game 3 of the Heat-Pacers series
Screen shot from

Lebron beasts in Game 4, and the pundits say "that's what he is supposed to do."  D-Wade beasts in Game 6, and they want to have a ticker tape parade.  ??? Nothing against D-Wade, I like him as a player. But where is the balance in accolades?

My friend Dre and I had a conversation about how much hell Lebron catches, no matter what he does. People call him arrogant and say he has an ego, but never are the accusations backed up with any substantial information.  Lebron distributes the ball to his teammates. Lebron looks for the player who has the better shot. Lebron always speaks of the team first.

Sounds like a teammate anyone would be proud to have. Lebron has not been caught in any scandals (of his own creation), prayerfully that will continue.  Lebron gives back regularly to the community. Lebron is marrying the mother of his children (hopefully soon).  If Lebron is not a candidate for a Wheaties box, I cannot think of anyone who is. 

What do people really find to fault in Lebron? The Decision? Give me a dang break! He even gave the proceeds to the Boys and Girls Club! 

It seems like people just want to hate the guy, and have nothing to hate.


Anonymous said…
I think it is because they do not understand the effort it takes to perform at his level that he is not given his due respect. He makes it seem effortless but it is preparation that makes it possible to do what he does. Some believe he is just a gifted athlete with no thought of the heart it takes to be a consistent performer at any level.

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