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Heat vs Thunder heads to South Beach

Photo from Shaq's Facebook page.

Look, I am partial to Lebron James. I think he's a good dude. He seems to have a serious love for the game of basketball, and I dig that. Lebron is also a team player. That is both a blessing and a curse. LOL

Okay... So I called all the rounds for the Heat so far. You should see the trash talking that goes on between me and some of the fellas LOL. I have been deep with basketball since my uncle would lift me over his head to shoot on our backyard goal. Growing up in a house full of boys, you either joined in or sat on the sidelines...cheering. Not so much my thing to cheer, I would rather be in the game.

Last series, I had the Heat in 7 versus the Celtics, with Lebron going big in game 6... Yep. I was right. This series I have the Heat in 5... Yeah...I know you think I'm crazy...but there's logic behind this.

It's almost Heat and Thunder time, baby! Who you got tonight? And who got for the series?

 Heat in 5... that's my story... I'm sticking to it :)

I didn't know whether Miami would win game 1 or 2 in OKC, but they came out with game 2. People didn't believe me when I said the match ups favor Miami.  Lebron can actually guard any position... though he should be on either Durant or Westbrook. Last night he was in foul trouble.

None of the OKC players match up well defensively against the Heat. That was my main factor. OKC has great scorers...defensively, they cannot see the Heat.  People may reference the Heat faltering in the final half of both games, but let's be real, it was more due to the Heat trying to drain the clock and making bad passes than OKC going hard on defense. 

Where coach Eric Spolstra went wrong in game one was that he had Chris Bosh coming off the bench, and then he had the wrong match up on defense.  He corrected a lot of that in game two, but in both games he didn't call the appropriate time outs or try to extend the leads.  He tried to take the air out of the ball, and then the Heat would take rushed shots to try to beat the shot clock.

Honestly, the Heat should have won game one, and would have had it been appropriately managed. They started slipping last night, and almost gave the game away. There were two controversial missed calls last night, but people only focus on the Lebron foul against Kevin Durant.  No one mentions the charge that wasn't called against Durant on Shane Battier. 

Anyway...who do you have winning the series? 

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